Will someone rid us of this troublesome house.

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Okay, so picture the scene: You’ve just renovated a house in a nice, pleasant area. It’s got off street parking (for two cars), is at the quiet end of the street, has a pretty garden and is, really, a nice 2 bed terraced house.

Now, imagine how insanely frustrating it is to have a succession of people tramp around the house and say ‘Oh, gosh, it’s just perfect, only… it’s got no badgers’ or ‘Oh, the decor is wonderful, it’s really beautiful inside but the sky is slightly too blue today for me to offer’.

That is, basically, the way it’s gone. We’ve had viewing after viewing with nothing but positive praise for the *house* and yet there’s always one minor niggle. It’s not near enough to London, it’s not got secure parking, it’s got a rented house next door (it’s a family rented home!).


I feel like Thomas Becket, all of a sudden.


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