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There are some months that contrive to make you feel lousy. Months where everything you touch seems to be a bit wrong, a bit of a struggle. This month seems to be one of them. I made a mistake in the controlled drug book at work – a write-oh, I assumed it was my attrocious handwriting, but it’s not. Thankfully myself and the nurse I checked the drugs in with independently remembered the same, different to what I wrote and we both signed, values (and really, would we be so dumb as to steal the drugs *after* checking them in?). But it was dumbness of a fairly high order…

…the shower, which appeared fixed is leaking again. I’m 99.9% certain it’s leaking from the frame-seal-to-base, and given the spread of the water I’m fairly certain *where* it’s leaking from. The problem is trying to cure the leak. We’re back to using the bath, which is not very efficient or quick, but doesn’t leak. When it’s dried out a bit I’m going to attack the seal one more time. If I can’t get it this time then I shall be opting for a ‘call the plumber in’ affair.

…while it’s not my fault, the failed tap in the kitchen (the one with the crack in the moulding, definately not my fault) remains unfixed. I keep meaning to look at replacement taps with Kathryn, and completely forgetting. Meaning that it’s gently spraying a jet of water into an empty orange juice carton which has been laid on the windowsill to catch and direct the water into the sink since it started leaking. It feels half-arsed and winds me up each time I see it.

…obviously there’s the whole saga of losing my glasses doing the Commando challenge. It’s ended with a 230 quid pair of glasses which I like, a lot, but which are essentially the same as my old glasses. That and I’m still not sure about contact lenses. I like them, but I don’t seem to be getting on that well with the lenses they gave me, so that may need some adjustment. It’s not quite so urgent now I’ve got glasses though.

…and the final nail in my competence coffin this month, so far, is the radio I built for the DAF. At least I ‘bench’* tested it, because it’s not working. I need to strip it back down and see if I made some silly mistake with the wiring, because I’m hoping that’s it. It didn’t get overly hot when powered up, just simply does not work. There’s also, obviously, the possibility that the markings on it aren’t right, or that there’s an earth that needs to be earth that I missed switching cases. But, whatever, it doesn’t work at the moment which is annoying because I’m bored of traveling in silence. I guess it’s back to headphones and the CD-player :(

I’m hoping that the number of issues this month is going to stop now, because I’m fairly bored of things I do going wrong.

* Bedroom floor


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