Winning and Losing

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Yesterday we finally took some bits and bobs down to the charity shop, and after some gentle poking the night before I also went through my clothing and put some (quite a lot by my standards) in to be charity shop’d. The 3.5 bags of stuff was carried by us down to the store; the idea being that Kathryn could pick out some holiday tees and me some new jeans. I had no luck on the jeans front but did, unfortunately, find quite a lot of books that I wanted; including a recent Ben Elton Nobel; some Michael Moore and most awesomely of all, Sara Paretsky’s Bleeding Kansas which I’ve wanted since I heard she was writing it… And shown great restraint in not buying, several times. Despite our carefully reorganised bookshelves now overflowing yet again we classed this as a win.

The kitchen tap developing a hairline fracture and spraying a fine mist of water out, less of a win. I need to hunt through the receipts and see if I can find which e-bay seller it came from and then see if I can coax them into replacing it… Bah.


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