To the middle of nowhere and back again

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So, the other reason for hiring the van was collecting 8 old clutch shoes, 5 13″ rims for the DAF, 2 exhausts, and a partridge in a pear….no, that’s not right, one DAF Workshop Manual (none of this faffy autodata nonsense). I finally got to meet ‘Matt’ who so far has lived entirely on my phone with his stock of spares and his place in the middle of no-where containing a huge number of DAFs and DAF parts.

We were a bit late, but he was very nice – supplying us with tea – and we chatted DAFs and other classics for a couple of hours before we piled all the bits in the van and headed back. After a small navigational faux pas (twice) we managed to find the route back…

…there was very little traffic – and we arrived home at about half 3.

…And I set to on the DAF. Well, actually, I went off to get a ring compressor because the e-bay one I bought hasn’t turned up. I realised, however, that although it looked like it would split, the way I need it to, it probably won’t. Anyhow, I went to Halfords and Jagdev. Neither of them had a suitable one. So I went back and got a couple of jubilee clips – and then I went back and got the right size of jubilee clips, by which time it was 5.

So I set to on the DAF. With Kathryn’s help I got the new rings on in place of the old ones; but no amount of coaxing, swearing (there was a lot of it), depressed whining (tried quite a lot of that) would get the rings compressed enough (using the jubilee clips around the leaves from a feeler gauge) to get them on. I’m swinging wildly between dropping the engine off and having it done for me and ordering one from e-bay (they’re moderately expensive). Tomorrow at 10 I’m going to ring the ever illustrious Millards and see if they have one, with luck they will, and the utterly awesome Nikki and Kate shall ferry it to me.

new rings

If they don’t; well; that’s a whole ‘nother kettle of piranhas.

I have to say, this week’s left me feeling very demoralised. The DAF’s in more bits than when the week began, the bike is no-where near ready, the other DAF is in the garage…

Unless tomorrow brings more good fortune than a bucket load positive of fortune cookies then I can’t see me ending this week with a running vehicle. And my lipoma looks like it’s got bigger. *Sighs*


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