Xmas comes but once a week

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So despite it being April, despite the fact we’ve lifted and relaid the floor in the lounge, despite the fact the builders officially gave the room a really ‘thorough’ clean (after they smothered the entire house in dust thanks to not actually taping off the lounge despite promising to), despite the fact that we’ve cleaned the room loads of times…

…what is the thing that I find having carefully cleaned and organised the wires behind the TV? Having cleaned the back of the TV stand. Having swept and moved everything back into it’s correct position?

More bloody Xmas tree needles. I swear, they’re impossible to get rid of.

In other news, thanks to freecycle we acquired a Morphy Richards Fast Bake – or, uh, a breadmaker to you and I. It seems to be quite a nice one, and the non-stick of the non-sticky bits seems in pretty good shape. It came from a smoker’s home though, which means I’ve been at it with the Lemon scented eco-cleaning stuff, and am tempted to get a new basket/blade for it. I think we’ll give it a test run and then may invest :)

As a side point; while I was cleaning I looked at my ‘Denon MD-50’ (I think that’s what it is, off the top of my head); contemplating whether I really want / need a new amp. I’m slightly peeved that the Cambridge Audio amps want 220V – but their site does say they can have 220V/60Hz, so it’s just a transformer away from working in Canada.

After debating it for a while I decided to put some very low bids in on an A300 and an NAD phono preamp. I doubt I’ll win, but hey… I want to listen to my vinyl again.

Anyway, must dash, I’ve got another DAF to get running right. :)


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