Unexpected days off

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So, yesterday we made vegetable jalouise, or some such. It required approximately a packet and a half of butter (about 3 sticks, I think). 2 and a bit sticks in the puff pastry (home made), and a goodly chunk to fry the veggies in.

On top of which it contained milk. It was delicious, and each of us ate half of it…

On top of which we had Cornmeal pancakes for breakfast, with butter on.

It’s rare that we have quite such a dairy heavy dish, something which my body informed me about (in no uncertain terms of) at 1.30am when I was quite unwell. Twice. And then sat on the toilet thinking ‘oh god, am I going to throw up now…’

So I ended up ringing in sick, and because of my symptoms have to have 48 hours off. Next time I shan’t be quite so generous with the servings, because had I have had less, I may have not made myself sick :-/

My stomach’s still not settled, and I still feel faintly sick (I’ve not had breakfast despite being up for 2 hours)


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