Okay, it’s frosty. Ha bloody ha.

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Option A: Replace minor exhaust – difficult seeing as no one has the 1.5" exhaust in stock. JLH have a 2" exhaust in stock, but it seems a bit…big. Thinking about it. Not a quick solution.
Option B: Wodge DAF back together, ignoring the will-be-very-quickly-trashed-100-quid’s-worth of clutch shoes.
Option C: Ride motorbike.
Option D: Repair Minor exhaust – difficult – apparently "We don’t do that sort of thing". I’m going to shower and take the minor to a couple of exhaust places and see if, with it in front of them, they can be a bit more helpful. I suspect not.

Of course, there is option E.

Option E is the one I’ve picked which enables me to sort out the front of the Minor. The worn out suspension, the ratty engine bay, the rattly dashboard, and to take her off the road for a bit to sort the transmission out. That way, she’ll truly be ready for Canada. Temptation: make her into a left hooker at the same time.

Option E only arises because of Rich, who is, it turns out, possibly the nicest man in the universe.

Option E will get more air time in the future, when the details of Option E have been successfully worked out.

In the mean time, I’m going to shower and work on Option D – because it’s bloody cold out there and while the bike did a stellar job carrying me to work and back yesterday, the idea of doing so for more than a one off in weather this cold doesn’t appeal. Not one bit.

In other news, wasn’t the first episode of BSG dark (spoilers lurketh).

I’d kinda assumed Starbuck’d died – whether she is/was cylon is still left up for grabs – but who/what she is now is very interesting. But the whole bleak nature of that first episode really surprised me. I guess I’d forgotten where we’d got to at the end of the last season (well, the break in the season). But BSG does have that ability to grab me and make me really want to watch.

Watching the characters disintegrate is really distressingly compelling. So well written… and it’s rare that I want HighDef, 625 lines has been quite enough for me for the last 30 years, but watching this show, I’d like to see it on a big screen in high def. All of it. The only problem with that is…there’s quite a lot of it. :)

Anyhow, shower and grovel time.


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