Apologies for the spamming, but I’m (planning to be) busy

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So, yes, sorry for the inconsiderate post-spam, but I’ve been so tired this last week that I’ve not been able to post anything. This has, of course, been annoying for me because most of the things I wanted to talk about have gone from my head. You’ve got one work related post, I think there were going to be four or so, but can’t even recall what they were going to be about.

The reason they’ve been spammed, as opposed to one post, is simple. They don’t fit together at all. The car rant, the work stuff and this, which is a thinking about the ‘week off’ (for what it’s worth, since I plan to work 2 shifts) are all really somewhat separate things. I probably ought to cut-tag the LJ ones though, so I’ll pause for a second, go back and do that now…[processing 2 posts]…done.

Anyhow, this week off seems to feel somewhat cramped. It’s tuesday and I have a huge old list of things I want to get done:

Unblock the shower again. I’m not sure why, but it’s not draining very well, again. I’m going to do that in a minute, before I go shower. I am thinking about constructing my own little drain explorer with a little USB camera and a long USB cable, because I can’t figure why it blocked so quickly. I made it more than the minimum fall, the only think I can think of is that the grout that we washed of the shower has sat in the waste-water pipe and solidified, but if that’s the case I would have thought that my drain clearing (with the drain clearing wire-whatsit) would have got rid of it. My problem with the USB camera idea is that I fear getting the damn thing stuck in the drain which would be expensive and awkward to explain. Anyway, so that’ll take maybe half an hour.

The rest of my list for the week includes:
– Making an animation for the Rock ‘n’ Roll or Trains track off ‘today is..’ (by A.M.). Kathryn’s mom very kindly got this for me for Xmas, and it’s an excellent album, I’m much enamoured with it, but AM is cruel and evil, for he’s filled my head with an image for an animation sequence, and I can’t get it out of my head, and therefore must attempt to make it.

I’ve never done real animation before – and my aged copy of CS2 doesn’t really handle animation in a way that I’m enjoying. I was quite proud of my little chap wiggling his legs, more or less as I wanted, yesterday. Then I realised just how many million billion separate layers I’d need to get what I wanted done, and thought: “Shite. I need a different way to do this”.

So, suggestions please, on some electrons, to the usual address, for software to make a dinky little animation mostly using vector graphics.

So that’s the fun things.

Less fun things: I’ve got to go up to Southam for to get the car seen to on Friday. They’re going to look into the coolant leak, sort out the oil leak and do the ‘500 mile’ check over (at a mere 4,000 miles ;)

Less fun things, the second: I need to sort out the DAF. Since I’ve had no luck with the garage on the corner this will have to be outside, in the cold (unless, when I get dressed and pop around there today I manage to convince them). This is an ‘engine out’ job and is therefore saved for the weekend when Kathryn’s here, because I need help. One to get the bonnet off and two, to get the engine out.

I want a garage *wail*.

The kitchen also needs painting, which means washing down the walls, a job Kathryn’s started, and also washing down the skirting boards (which should, since they’re not primed, be painted first, ideally). The thing about painting skirting boards is that the paint is (a) cheap and (b) not very quick drying. ISTR it needs 12 hours between coats. Thankfully it doesn’t need many coats. Also, though, in that job, is stripping the paint off the door frame into the lounge and the door frame into the larder, such that they can be painted at the same time as the rest of the woodwork. A job that will fill the house with revolting fumes :(

Anyhow, despite my desire to lie on this sofa and repeat yesterday’s impressive TV feast* (I watched 6 episodes of Blackadder, and one of Homes under the Hammer), I really should get up and move and do stuff. What with the list getting longer by the day, and my effect on it so-far having been minimal.

* All my flailing, incidentally, about the TV may have been down to a dodgy connector, and not the TV set dying. It gave impressively similar symptoms to my mum’s TV set dying, and symptoms which fit with my experience of failing HT circuitry (I’ve watched it go on 3 sets now), but seems to have resolved with me fiddling about with the connectors on the back. Of course, now it’ll probably let out the magic smoke, then I’ll be sad.


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