Because I am weak (last night at 4:11am)

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Okay, so I shouldn’t be looking at e-bay. I can’t afford anything anyhow, and I’ve no space for one, but sometimes it’s nice just to windowshop. In this case, I was
looking at DKW Junior’s (I just wondered how much they sell for, and how common they are). Being as it’s a german car I stuck it into and lo, I found 2.

The 61’s cuter than the 62. But it being the text was all in german – and so was hit upon, and lo the following text did spue forth:

"Small crack in the sky. The cars in front of potential purchase should be viewed! No guarantee / warranty. The stain on the passenger is only a shadow. Fun bidders will be prosecuted!"

I suspect it’s not accurate. Either that or the description’s certainly odder than most of the ones on Ebay uk.

I am, I conclude, sick. Not hideously so, but enough that I’m off sick again tonight. My throat feels awful and I suspect I’ve been spiking temps on and off. I’ve sucked my way though a bunch of USian throat sweets, drunk a surprising amount of water for a night shift and still feel fairly awful. Since I’ve got ATNC on Monday, I think it’s best to take the night (and the weekend which I have off) off and be better by monday.

It also means that enduring the builder* working on the kitchen (there better be plural builders present today, and it better be fitted today, otherwise words shall be had) shouldn’t be too bad, ‘cos I can doze and look at ATNC. I’ve not managed to do the pre-test test yet, because, well, I feel underprepared.

Although, really I ought to just sit down and do it. Nor have I made flash cards, which I wanted to do, and was hoping to do… So I might try and do them this morning…

On the bad front, I managed to unintentionally cancel our booking for dancing after the wedding.

The conversation (a couple of weeks ago) went thus:
"Hi, this is the Whatever** hotel; you enquired about booking a room for a venue
after a wedding"
"Oh, ah, we’ve already booked a place, but thank you for ringing"
"Okay, bye!"

Now, we – as I understood it – had booked a place and were waiting for a confirmation letter from them to say it was booked. At no point did they mention that we’d booked it, that they might be known by more than one name… Oh no.

It’s only when we rang to confirm today that we found out that the Lamp-Lighter Bar has an alter ego, a pseudonym it uses to evade detection. And thus it was that we discovered we’d cancelled our own booking. You’d think that she might have mentioned that we’d actually *booked* it, not just enquired… but apparently not.

* Distressingly back to singular yesterday – and only present for 2 hours.
** This is, apparently, the other name of the dual identitied bar which we’d book.
It’s their secret identity.


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