A marginally more informative update

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Today I have:
– Found out that Nurse Vancouver are at the Practice Nurse doojit in London. I shall go.
– Sorted out the Nursing Agency problem which meant that I was no longer registered. I shall be registered again as of later today.
– Read lots of the ATNC course.
– Checked and found out how Kathryn gets more time here after we’re civilised. Another £395 quid! This gets us 2 years residence, which is more than we need, but means that Kathryn doesn’t get permanent residence (which only comes after 2 years). I’m not sure why she’d want it here, but hey, it’s useful to know these things.
– Put out the recycling
– Worked out from where the water that’s taken to appearing on the floor by the shower is coming from. It is, as I suspected the silicone sealant which has failed at that end of the shower, which is good in that I know where it’s coming from, but ups the need for me to fix that. I still don’t know why it won’t stick to the shower base.
– Confirmed that UK Civil Partnerships are recognised by Canada.
– Moved my motorbike so as to allow Kathryn to get her bike in the shed.
– Uploaded an enormous number of photos to Flickr
– Listened to the ‘new’ Radiohead album, and a few other new albums we acquired in the USA.
– Put my somewhat more mangled suitcase away, thus saving me debating it’s future anymore.

I’ve not rung builders yet.
I’ve not decided whether to switch the Denon amp which does work (but with a knackered and awful CD changer and no phono input) for the amp in the lounge which needs it’s volume control slider switched.
I’ve not done anything on the house.

I don’t mind tho’, ‘cos frankly, we spend 18 hours travelling yesterday and I’ve swung my body clock through 8 hours, so I think I’m doing pretty well to not be feeling like death microwaved.



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