Dyke Cred Rating = +50

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So, Brick’s winged his way to a new owner; apparently en-route he shed some bits of distributor, but handily the spare one we’d thrown in the boot (along with all the other spares) turned out to have the relevant bits. The new owner didn’t seem that mifffed… it seems about par-for-Brick’s behaviour. I hope that he gives the new owner less trouble.

Anyhow, on to the Dyke cred. We’ve gained points:

We’re terribly green little dykey people; Kathryn cycles all over the place, she cut my hair today, we grow our own veg (and fruit, if the tomato brings us fruit), I do car maintainance, ride a motorbike, we do DIY, and for extra bonus dyke cred:

We made our own granola!

The recipe is not quite right; more honey, and such… but I’m dead chuffed. I do, however, need to find a bulk purchase place for rolled oats, almonds and such.

In other news, we went into a charity shop today, and I left with 3LPs, a single and a book; oh, and a Buffy the Vampire Slayer game (that’s almost certainly terrible) and we got Trivial Pursuit.

And in final news for the day, Jejy’s now insured; and Kathryn’s been added to the insurance…all this at a grand total of nothing :)

I’m quite pleased. Well, it cost the £15 administration fee, but still.

We’ve also been making progress, slowly, on the house, the hideous wall of doom in the office has had a coat of basecoat and it’s 3rd coat of yellow. Hopefully one more (and hopefully when it dries it won’t be all cracked like the last 2 coats) and it’ll finally be done.


Kathryn found this comic. It’s excellent.


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