Corraling chaos. Again.

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So, this morning’s plan was simple, if somewhat busy:

– MOT Cherry
– GP
– Return Keys
– Tax bike
– Go to pharmacy

See, easy. Timing was slighly of the essence, with the MOT being at 0800, and the GP at 0920, and the van keys needing to be back by 10.

But I decided to do things a bit…differently. In the end, the MOT went spiffingly (we won’t mention what I forgot to do when I changed the front disk, because frankly it’s terrifying; but the bike passed. I shall not work on vehicles when I have hayfever again). Because it was on the route back I stopped and dropped off the keys on the way back, which seemed, to me, to be a good idea… I wasn’t counting on Bucks Van Hire’s relaxed approach to opening hours. When I went to pick up the van they opened about 15 minutes late; and the same today. I arrived at 0832, and they didn’t end up opening until 0845; despite what their sign says.

That delay meant that as I pulled into the road, a Pallet*brand* delivery truck was sat; the guy at my front door posting a ‘we tried, you were out’ note through. I pulled up and shouted, “I’m here” and then thought better of it – but it was too late. I wasn’t *expecting* a delivery today. I’d been expecting one all day Friday; in fact it’d stopped me doing various things because I couldn’t go out, because… I was waiting for a delivery.

So, with 25 minutes to my GP appointment we set to unloading the van; in and up the stairs went my new shower door; the extra interesting the extra interesting bit being maneuvering it into the spare room, which is currently devoid of a lot of it’s floor. I expected it to come disassembled, but I was wrong (oh, so wrong) and it’s arrived as one huge lump of shower screen. This is in many respects good, I don’t have to assemble it and it probably seals better… but the bad side is it’s fracking huge and I have to deal with it by myself…

Anyhow, with 15 minutes to spare, I got the bike taxed (‘cos I’d rather not drive Brick with the flickery oil light – and as I said before, I couldn’t get the oil sender out; don’t you just love being able to tax vehicles online?) and I headed off to the GP. I met a very nice GP who gave me Fexofenadine (without my prompting) and will send me to a local allergist who can refer me to the Sublingual Immunotherapy Allergy Clinic to which I’d very much like to go.

I then flew to the pharmacy who amazed me by having everything in stock – I’m now trying the Fexofenadine for the first time, although I only hope for it to work tomorrow, really. I’m carrying the eyedrops in reserve. I’ve arranged for the Viva to be serviced. And, y’know what? I’m feeling quite good. I mean, my hayfever’s not brilliant, but it’s not awful; at the moment anyhow; and again, contrary to expectations, this morning has gone quite well. I worry, though, about this afternoon. First day back at work after a week off; it’s always traumatic.

And then I can get on with the bathroom tomorrow afternoon….


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