A full on whine

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So, today I got moved. I went to ward L; ward L is very different to mine, younger more mobile patients, while it’s got a not dissimilar number of beds (I think 4 more) they’re spread out a *lot*, because it’s in a more modern building.

It’s also got diarrhoea and vomitting – I suspect they picked me to move because I’m off now for 2 days, so if I get it it’s my free time that’s stuffed, not their rota. But perhaps I’m cynical.

At any rate – the day went more-or-less smoothly, but was hectic in the way that only wards which are vary short of staff can be. Much like my own ward… I ploughed through a slow drug round (having to check drugs because I don’t know what they do slows me down; using two different drug trolleys where I don’t know where the drugs are, that slows me down; and not knowing where the fridge was, that slowed me down too).

I didn’t get my full break (pas de change), and ‘cos they made me keep the water miles from my bay (it’s a *huge* ward, and a good 40 second walk from end to end – which when you’re busy means that the idea of getting a drink just keeps getting put back) my sore throat is back with avengeance. This afternoon it was pretty much gone, when I got to work. Now it’s back to really-frigging-hurting to swallow, which is quite distressing. I’ve got a stinking headache, ‘cos I didn’t drink enough, and the icing on the cake – just before I left I heard the nurse in charge of the night shift thanking (gushingly) the two of the other nurses from another ward. As I left, I got *nada*. Nothing. I said bye, and she blanked me.

It made me feel *so* valued.

So, that’s my whine.

On the plus side, I’ve come home and Kathryn’s online and she’s busy cheering me up – a lot :-) She rocks my little world.


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