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So, I started watching Wonderfalls again. I could read, but at the moment, with the whole verticality thing I find that I don’t really enjoy reading. I’m still aiming to head out tonight – on the basis that I can sit down most of the evening. Not too much dancing for the Kate Creature.
Anyway, it’s weird watching Wonderfalls having been there. Niagra I mean. And indeed to Toronto, because some stuff appears to rather randomly – and very identifiably – be shot in Toronto. What’s weirder is that despite being set in America, the only way to get the perspective on the falls from which Wonderfalls is shot is to be stood firmly on Canadian soil – I actually find myself trying to see places I’ve been.

It’s odd, anyhow. It’s still an entertainingly good series, and it’s keeping me distracted from the fact that the day is marching on without me doing anything useful. I was going to paint, but still, the whole ‘vertical’ thing remains a bit of a problem – and so spending ages stood on the stairs seems to me like a recipe for me falling flat on my ass.

Anyway. That’s me.


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