Coming Shortly, the new “Jesus Christ That’s Pink” MZ

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So, I found lurking in the garage the precise right colour for spraying my bike. Pink safety paint.Anyway, my frame’s all shibby and I’ve put the first coat of “Jesus Christ That’s Pink” paint onto the tank… Clicky for more bike-in-bits Pr0n. One thing though, is it just me or does the bike frame look like some sort of prehistoric creature waiting to eat people?

Prehistoric Bike Frames

Oh dear, the pink has broken the JPEG

Ah. The pink appears to have broken the JPEG encoding. Rats. To give you an idea of the pink, I was wearing purple gloves this morning (‘cos I’ve got an interview tomorrow and turning up with bright pink hands was low on my priorities list); now, after spraying the tank I walked into the garage and was completely phased for several seconds because as far as I was concerned my gloves were blue. I was convinced my gloves had gone blue. Despite my brain saying that they had been purple. It took several long seconds for my colour vision to return to it’s normal state and me to discover that my gloves were indeed purple and my bike, my bike is THE PINK.


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