What do I wear?

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I’ve not got anyone to pounce on this week, although I’ve been prodding most of my friends about this one.

What do I wear to the ball sunday night?

Option A: The chinese dress
Option B: The purple dress (but I wore that last xmas, and would rather not give the impression that I own one dress)
Option C: The black velvet dress (not very flattering, not very exciting, no photo)
Option D: The purple velvet skirt and some top or other
Option E: Attempt to get my dinner jacket cut and fitted in less than a day (no, I won’t….).

Options A and B you get a picture of….

Kate in a CHinese Dress

Kate in the Purple dress

Yes, they are pictures from the photoshoot, uncleaned up.

I was thinking, chinese dress with *SPIKEY* hair. But, hrm, dunno. Not sure I’ve got the courage of my convitictions, but it’d be a laugh…


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