The clumsy girl and the day

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So, it’s morning. I’ve had breakfast, watched Azumanga Daioh, had a shower and managed to check my bike’s brakes (spongy, but better. Added more fluid. Better still, still spongy though. Hopefully passable. I can now not pull them back to the bar). And I started to think about work. Grabbed breakfast bowl/mug/cafetiere, headed down the stairs and my ankle randomly and without warning gave way.

I managed to save myself, and all the breakfast stuff except the spoon which did what I was expecting to do and skittered down the stairs.

So, rather gingerly made my way down the stairs, got my fresh cup of Raspberry and Loganberry tea (which fails the blue test (it’s purple, like *all* fruit teas)) and decide to nip off and cut my toenails (I realise this is excitement personified) – during which process I manage to snap the nail clipper. I mean, completely snap it. Like ‘plink-crunk’ – which left me feeling a little shocked – especially as I’ve no idea where a chunk of it has gone.

Then while scooping up the bits of broken nail clipper, I sneezed, scrabbling for a tissue I did think… what on earth is going on today. Did I hit the ‘clumsy + chaotic’ button on my alarm clock? Feh.

Anyway. I need to book an MOT (place opens in about 30 mins, I think); and then write like a demon. Although I am exhausted, which I blame on everyone else keeping me up late.


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