La la la not listening

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So, work.

Today it’s back to work. After 3 days off (again) I pile headlong into the following:

4 EU Questions (to be finished today)
2000 Word Essay (to be finished tomorrow, I hope)
6000 Words of Dissertation (to be finished monday)

I need to go and have a shower; and then work. At least I’m feeling better today; yesterday I was exhausted and felt rough as fuck; after swimming we went back to Nikkis and suddenly the mild background headache did it’s best to overwhelm me; by the time I got home I felt utterly terrible. I had a kip (unintenionally); still felt rough. Felt rough enough that the concept of food was unpleasant. I continued to feel rough – ate some dinner (well, breakfast, technically) – continued to feel rough. Headed to bed where I lay there for over an hour, feeling rough before I finally got to sleep.

So today’s not feeling rough is a really good thing. I realise this is the world’s most dull LJ post, but the choice is between this and reading stuff on Critical Reflective Practice. And this is more interesting….


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