Wakey wakey rise and shine, it’s 2pm and the weather’s….damp

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So, night shift number one is up.

The ward’s still closed – well, it probably isn’t anymore given that absolutely no one appears to have the virus we’re isolated for.

But it meant that last night was easy / dull – I spent a lot of time reading and then getting up and wandering round to check that everyone was still alive. Then back to my Megatokyo. I’ve run out of book. I need more Megatokyo, and more xxxHolic. I’m tempted to buy some when I’ve got some cash. But I’ve got the Kushiel’s Chosen(? is that the second one. Hang on… Yes) – to take with me tonight.

Of course, if they’ve opened the ward we’ll actually be full with lots of sick people and I’ll actually have to work – which will be substantially more interesting – and substantially more tiring. I’m also pondering taking my laptop – so I have something to watch while I was on break. Last night I had the very odd experience of having basketball on TV (not something I am hugely a fan of, but it made for mild entertainment), while I read my copy of Curve Magazine…

….it was just so *wrong*.

Still, my shift was okay, I went through the learning objectives… Yeah, it was good.

One thing I did notice (car related) – I’d not noticed how poor the reflectors on my headlamps were until I got in to drive to work yesterday – the new reflectors are *incredible* and reminded me why I liked my Minor’s headlamps.


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