Tea, it cures everything.

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Well, possibly not death. Although, maybe we’ve just not used *sufficient* tea.

Today started well. Well, by starting well, I mean I woke up and listened to the radio and it wasn’t Spoony. I’m not very keen on Spoony. But Fay…person. She was cool. Much more my chilled out style.

Anyway, I hauled myself out of bed, discovered an absence of milk, made Kara/Kaisa style scrambled eggs and sausage for breakie (having tipped the cereal back into the packet…) and eventually headed out to a Exhaust place to find a chunk of exhaust the right width to seal the join. Found what seemed like a good piece. Unfortunately it involved climbing in the skip to cut it. Cut it. Brought it home, narrowly avoiding a probably entertaining conversation with the manager of the store.

Having got home I set too taking off the old sleeve, which had failed to seal (at all, really) – the and cut the new one to size. Only… it was millimetres too small… I tried opening it out… nope. I tried everything I could, and it simply would not go on. So, I fished around. There was a very short section of one that was the right diameter. But it was very short. Very. So I cut that… and…it fit. After an awful lot of work it fit. Only, it won’t seal. I can’t get the two ends of the exhaust to meet, and so it’s blowing again.

So it’s going to a garage tomorrow to have a sleeve fitted. Hopefully they’ll be able to get a stainless steel one too, which’d be good. In the process though I got *very* cold. Eventually I came in the house, having given up, and then realised I needed to go shopping ‘cos I’ve got nothing fresh (all frozen) to eat next week. So I did that, and then got back and felt very pissy.

But Tea. Well, Fred Dibner with Lauren, A shower, talking to Rachel and (obviously, most importantly) Tea – and I’m feeling pretty much human.


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