It’s another one of those ‘day’ thingies.

I keep almost working, but not quite getting there. I tried to setup my IM thing today. Everything ‘cept AOL is now back and working. pyoorkate, generally. for MSN – that mail address doesn’t work anymore incidentally, hence it’s unmunged state.

Found this.

AutoSoviet Picture of MZ Girlee

Anyone want to say MZ’s aren’t a dyke thing now? Anyone? No? Good.

I managed, also, to actually make an omlette today. A real omlette that looks like an omlette, and not like munged cooked egg. So Ra for me. Basically.


I feel very blah.


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5 thoughts on “Bleh

  1. New katesite! Heya you :)

    Whatever you tried to show us doesn’t show up neither here nor on livejournal!

    How RU neway??!!??!!

  2. I’m okay, just like I say kind of Blah today.

    Hopefully I’ve fixed the image now, copied it to this machine….

  3. It’s not really. It’s kinda the way I’ve been feeling for a while. I’m hoping the holiday(s) will reawaken me, and make me care again, ‘cos at the moment although I want to pass my degree, and I love my job, I can’t find the enthusiasm to work.

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