Where are they?!

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Okay, now this is ridiculous.

Yesterday I realised that I couldn’t find my hairbrush. Now, me being me, and having looong hair I don’t only have the one hair brush.

So, I fished my ‘at work’ hairbrush out of my bag and used it while I dried my hair.

Then today I looked around the house and… yes, you’ve guessed it. That hair brush has now disappeared. Oookay. Right.

Go out to car and get ‘was other good but got left in car and is now emergency going somewhere need to look neat’ hairbrush from car.

Only, yes, you can see it coming. That has gone too.

What the hell is going on?! Is there some hairbrush thief sneaking in to the house and extracting all the hair brushes?!

I’m now down to my “well, my mum said it’s really good, but I think my hair’s too thick for this one” hair brush, which really doesn’t worik very well. Meh!


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