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So, I’m waiting…

When I get home today (I’ve got a big list of papers to get from uni; fortunately I printed it, rather than just leaving it on the PC) I’m going to work my way through the disks, leaving them in my poor & beloved K6-II for a period of time to see if the burning smell was the failed capacitors on my motherboard and power supply or if it was a drive failing.

I’m *desparately* hoping it wasn’t my drive failing.

Years of photos, my own little creations, my videos… I… I did back up bits and pieces. I think I’ve got some of the photos backed up – but there were gigabytes of data on there, waiting to be backed up by the new DVD-+R/RW drive…

It’d be like loosing a huge chunk of my history.

Some who know me, know that my history only really started when I came out – everything before then feels to me like it happened to another person, at least to a degree. And so, to loose essentially all of my personal history in one fell swoop because of faulty capacitors? That would suck, it would suck an awful lot.

Especially to loose my dad’s funeral pictures.

I’d been working on the recording of my dad’s funeral, which is hideously echoey, to see if I can clean up the audio (I’m basically inaudable, not that I was terribly clear on the day, I don’t think) because I promised I’d send a copy to my mum and my sister. To loose that too? So I’m scared.

I want to plug them in to test them; but at the same time I don’t want to, because… well… if it is dead? What will I do? Data recovery’s not cheap, but I might actually have to consider it in this case.


Anyway, it’s nearly time for me to walk to Uni…

This weekend’s actually been good if somewhat like hard work. Trey and I went back to my mum’s house to sort out a few things for her – watering plants, cutting the grass, fixing the washing machine (I hope), getting the mail in, cutting the grass at the allotment, cutting back the wisteria.

Sadly, I managed to trap my finger between the two lower sections of ladder, and the upper section (which came out of it’s runners as I was moving it, then swung round, scraping my finger against the other two sections of ladder, before falling hard onto the ground). Which hurt a lot. But other than that it went quite well.

The Alternator I fitted on Friday has held it’s own, amazingly. It’s screeching a bit now, I’m not sure if it’s a loose fan belt or the alternator going. At any rate I’m going to head to a scrappy on Wednesday and sort out a “new” alternator.

Anyway. I should go. After I finish my coffee :-)


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