Out of date…again

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Funnily enough, after yesterdays post, I find myself hunting for software for my ‘out of date’ iPaq. Being as it’s a top-of-the-range Compaq iPaq from 2001, it’s a bit painful to find that it’s now no longer supported by PocketPC (2003 won’t work on it); TomTom navigational software won’t install on it… because it needs Pocket PC 2003.

So, I’m trawling the internet in search of software that’ll work on it. I’ve, in my diggings, discovered that CoPilot Live Pocket PC 5 might work on it, but may not work with the only GPS module I can find to work with the iPaq. I should have bought it all when it was cheap; it’s now reached ‘disappearing’.

Still, I’ve managed to pick up a copy of PocketPC 2002 for iPaq for 6 quid; which means I can at least *try* to find software for it. No one, but no one does anything for WinCE.

In other news, I have a cold. Again.


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