The headache of dooom!

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So, I awoke this morning with a really bad headache, knowing that I needed to get [at least one] vehicle sorted before tomorrow I set to on the minor to get it at least back to the state we were in before I approached the weekend.

It’s now back together; and I’ve taken 400mg ‘brufen and 1g of paracetamol. 2 hours later and my headache’s actually gone. This is a first for medicine. Normally we get reduced pain, but today it’s gone.

So I can actually get some uni work done… [prevaricating]

In the mean time here’s a free tax disk for you all. Yes; you heard me right; you can all have a tax disk courtesy of me. Seriously. Link to it here: just print it out… write your car’s details on it, and you’ll be taxed right though to the end of 1980… :-)

[To those who don’t know how it should be filled in; top dotted line is number (registration) plate, bottom blank dotted line is make of car….]

Here is a picture of the disasterous 1275 air filter; just so as you can all share my pain:
Ital air filter failing to fit inside a morris minor bonnet

And here for the 8 track lovers of you is the other piece of crap… I mean handy item I bought yesterday…

Kate's Waltham 8 Track

As you can see it all needs a bit of a clean; I think it could do with some new speakers, but I’ve got the ones I’m using for pride that can go into the speaker chassis (also, they’re rated at 5 staggering watts each, which is a bit puny for a loud mog). This should make Trey a bit happier as we might get a bit more volume out of the old stereo. The 8 track can be mounted somewhere; possibly matching the stereo on the other side… Thus making my car look thoroughly period. I’m hoping John’ll have a couple of 8 track carts we can record on and I can knock up a few ‘interesting’ 8 tracks :-)

It also gives me an outlet for my desire to design some stuff. It, incidentally, is far too hot here. My legs are cooking under the desk with the PC and on top of the desk the sun’s enormous power is making the house feel like an oven.


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