It’s dead

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The TV set is dead. Or at least, it’s doing a passable impression.

Having got it going again with the new line output transistor it, well, killed it. And for good measure decided to explode the line output transformer (although, apparently, it may still work). At any rate, the prospect of it becoming a fixed object is becoming distant. At least to me.

I might give it one more go. One more *small* go.

Anyone got a spare lopt for a B.R.C. 8500 chassis? Oh, and a BU208 transistor?

At any rate, my day has kind not-really-sucked-but been ungood. So, um, yeah. Paid some bills, worked an okay shift. Put 3 films in to be processed; one of which is over a year and a bit old… I really must do better with developing films). Uh hu. So. Yeah. Enough? Good.


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