Sooo Cold.

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It’s not actually cold you understand, just cool.

But if you spend an hour and a half washing 2 cars and a bike then suddenly it really does become quite cold. Distressingly Lauren’s Fiat, which I gave a quick wash (all the washes were really a lick and a promise (which doesn’t mean much coming from me…. when it comes to washing cars…. not a reliable person)) came up really nice and shiny, wheras Rebecca, well, she looks barely like she’s been washed. ‘cept the wheels.

Although that’s partially my desire to leave the coating of oil on any parts coated with oil, and my lack of-botheredness about washing the wings which are due for replacement more than just a wipe with the sponge.

The bike however was a nightmare. It’s not been washed for… more than a year. Possibly more like 2 years. The rear alloy wheel, which was once silver was black. Completely black. Black like the night. The exhaust, which is chrome, in places, was black. Everything was filthy, really filthy, or very very dirty.

Despite my best efforts, the fact that it was really really cold when you got wet meant that after about 2/3s of the rear wheel I gave up on that. I think I need some alloy wheel cleaner. Scratch that, I *know* I need some alloy wheel cleaner. A hell of a lot of it. But she looks a lot better. The top box is also somewhat filthy still, the oil seems to be nicely ground in to it. Still, if I locate some enthusiasm and give it another wash in the near future I should be able to work towards cleanliness in stages :-)


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