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A while back I was given Adobe Premier 5.1 by a friend, after I’d been heard ranting continuously about all the applications I’d tried to edit video. She wasn’t using her copy of Adobe 5.1, and gave me it.

What a change. An application which seemed to be reasonably powerful, and seemed to work. Then we started to encounter the ‘problems’. Reloading old projects seems to cause it immense grief, videos sometimes rendered entirely as black with sound….

…and then export. Export. What a fucking lie that is. There appear to be about 1 or 2 settings which actually work; then I find a freeware application to convert the only compressor that works, known as the Fuck-me-that’s-shite compressor’s output into something anyone else can view, ideally DivX (Uncompressed also seems to cause it to die horribly). Except of course, having reinstalled it, the fucking thing won’t even do that for me. No error messages, just the application disappearing from the screen. I thank the lord I was *given* this, because I’d be so much more fucked off if I’d paid. And I’m pretty damn fucked off now.

I *hate* poorly tested applications that don’t actually work. And right now this appears very much to be one of them.


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