Soulwax ‘n’ pills

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So, there’s this CD in the shops called “Too Many DJs Vol 2”. I was aware that this was one of a series of lots of CDs, but I also knew you couldn’t buy them; I didn’t even think it was possible to download them (having had a bit of a look around) – but today I found a whole bunch of them up for download.

And I must share with you that 2 Many DJs are incredibly cool. Just so cool.

I must have them all! ALL! Do you understand me?!

The only problem with this is it’s very hard to leave the computer with these files coming down….and each one arrives and I want to hear it, and they’re arriving just faster than the time it takes to play them…..

In other news, my GP’s surgery have fucked up, so I get to run out of tablets on Monday; hopefully the prescription will be there by Monday – in which case it shouldn’t be too disasterous, merely difficult.


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