Odd how the world is….

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Sometimes my life is sane and normal. Y’know. Student, broke, that kind of normal thing. At the moment it’s not; so um, I’m on a bit of a high at the moment (despite being completely broke, to a really quite terrifying level…); and yeah, so, stuff.

I’m on such a high. Incidentally, from the recent Coverville, the Save Ferris version of Come On Eileen is another rocking piece of music. Yes.

Apparently the problematic individual is, in fact, trespassing. He didn’t have permission, so if he does it again, I’ll call the police. And I intend to move. Let him think he won. I need a life I can relax in. Yeah. And so that’s cool. Don’t forget to download the What Came First… video. Over 200 downloads so far; although ideally, download it from the mirror at a minor journey, because my bandwidth limit is approaching with suprising rapidity. Once I thought 5Gb/Month was *huge*!


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