Interstella 5555 (The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem)

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So, when I was living with Ais she introduced me to the Daft Punk album Discovery (I did like Daft Punk already, but didn’t have the album); and she told me that there was a film (being) made which featured the same blue people as in the videos…

….I bought that film, and it is really just that; it’s an extended hour and a bit music video featuring the blue people from the videos for “one more time”, and it works incredibly well. There’s no speech, to speak of, in the film, and it’s phenominal how well the album tells the story. It’s sort of remeniscent of Ulysees 31 (for those who remember such things) in style. I can’t really think of anything really intelligent to write about it; but hey, if you like Daft Punk and liked the blue-people videos for their songs then you’ll probably like Interstella 5555. Also, it was only a tenner from Fopp on DVD.


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