‘Tis Done

Hooooooo Raaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!


Our ceiling is finished*, which is fortunate because our wall drywall comes tomorrow. Which will be a joy – moving 46 pieces of drywall from outside to inside because curiously, BOB say they can’t do threshold delivery on drywall. Which is what they did last time. Odd.

*Well, apart from some of the attic areas. But that can be done later.

Small successes

It took pretty much all afternoon, and was pretty tedious with the first version of the board not fitting (again, unsquareness abounds), and requiring quite a lot of tweaking on the second board (which also didn’t fit as well as some of the others we’ve done)…

But. At the end of today our second skylight was drywalled in.


We have the bedroom ceiling to do (and a some attic stuff which we’re not considering as part of the main ceiling job, but would be nice to get done). Then that’s it for ceilings.

So today we ordered our wall drywall. Which is scheduled for delivery…