Do not leave Pence out of the Anti-Trump narrative

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I try not to get political on my art blog, but I am gonna share this sentiment from my twitter.

It’s nice to hear “Fuck Trump” but piling all hate on him is misguided, Trump is not the only person who should be factored into protests, impeachment and human rights lawsuits: his team DEFENDED him and ENABLED him.

There are a lot of people who either played down, ignored or supported his conduct

Fact is, if Trumps impeached, all the people who helped his campaign will flip and agree and chastise him, cuz it’ll make them look noble, which they would LOVE, they get to sweep house and senate, have Pence be president, and pretend they’re on our side. “We hate Trump too, friends! We agree, he’s a bad man, let us fix his mess for you.” 

Think about it, anyone on his team right now looks really good by comparison to him. People who’re just as bigoted and heartless.

Do not forget that Vice President Pence is poised and ready to help anti-women and anti-LGBT legislation roll out and take away 50~ years of human rights progress. [source] And he just sat back and watched Trump be Trump, cuz all he cares about is getting his foot in the door – and we all just held it open for him and welcomed him inside. Slam it on his stupid foot, friends. Fact is, Pence is a hateful bigot, but he looks really good superficially next to Trump.

If we’re gonna support lawsuits for human rights violations, impeachments, etc, we can’t fixate on Trump alone. A lot of people made Trump happen via complacency and lies, with smiles on their faces.

Not My President… Not My Vice President.

Note: I genuinely don’t have time for debates or arguments on Tumblr even on my good days, so sorry if you wanted to engage me about this, even if you agree with me. I’m not ignoring people (unless, you know, insults), I just can’t give this more time. I have to get back to work and stuff.

Mike pence said literally that “cigarettes do not cause death.” He wants to fund gay conversion therapy. He is the literal embodiment of Satan.

Mike Pence caused an HIV crisis in 2015. In an age of STD tests and anti-retrovirals, Mike Pence’s attack on Planned Parenthood (meaning that in rural areas, there very often weren’t any places to get STD tests- the HIV wasn’t actually spread through sexual contact as much as it was injecting drugs- but no PP access meant no testing that could pick up on HIV) caused an actual HIV crisis. 

And his response? “I’ll pray for them.”

Later, he did authorize a needle exchange, but his first response wasn’t “I’ll take actual legislative action because holy shit, people are dying,” but “I’ll pray for them.”

Pence and Trump are two very different kinds of dangers. I want to stop the political posting and just go back to my regular blogging, but I grew up in Indiana. I’ve seen what Pence’s terrible decisions have done to my friends and family, and as bad as a Trump presidency’s going to be, a Pence presidency might actually be worse.

Pence is what I was afraid Cruz would be.