Anti-Trump Resisters and Organisers!

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YOU NEED GOOD SECURITY CULTURE. The USA has one of the most powerful anti-radical police states in the world, and they WILL clamp down hard on any opposition, peaceful or otherwise.

Here’s some resources which might help:

privacytools, which should help teach you a bit about encryption and provide you with good starting points for making your communications that little bit harder to detect and read.

Download Tor, a browser which, with a little bit of extra caution will help keep a lot of what you do online secret.

Start using an encrypted messenger app on your phone. Telegram is the most popular, but its encryption is not the best. Personally I recommend using Wire (which also works as a desktop messenger app), or even WhatsApp functions acceptably.

Learn how to use and set up Proxies and a VPN

Start using an encrypted and independent email service. Many radical groups use but they are very well known to security services and are monitored more closely than most. Their server ownership is also in question. I use Proton Mail but there are other services too.

When actually doing actions offline, learn how to maintain anonymity. Black Bloc is a good option for this (here’s a video on how to at a basic level, but the gist of it is to cover your face as much as possible, and to dress entirely in black), but there are other tactics such as all wearing boiler suits of the same colour, or simply destroying CCTV and other surveillance devices in the area you are operating in.