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“Planned Parenthood confirmed that yes, people are putting their money where their tweets are. Of 160,000 donations made to Planned Parenthood since the election, 20,000 have been made in Mike Pence’s name, according to a spokesperson. That’s 12.5 percent of all donations.”

loves it

From what I’ve understood, making them IN his name is a bad idea—Planned Parenthood donations are tax deductible, and he may end up with a tax write-off.

From the PP site: “Your contribution to Planned Parenthood Federation of America is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable.”

When donating, select the box which says “Yes, my gift is in honor or in memory of someone special.”

Making them out to Mike Pence in the “IN HONOR” section still gets a notification to his office, while not running the risk of giving him any tax deductions. Plus, you’ll get a deduction for yourself.

Nope – American federal tax law specifically forbids “giving away” charitable deductions. Donating in someone else’s name has no effect whatsoever on who gets to claim the resulting tax deduction. Mike Pence would be committing tax fraud if he attempted to claim a writeoff for donations made in his name by third parties.