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summary of post election school day

– had a Puerto Rican kid come up to me and say “well. we’re both getting kicked out of the country.”
– had an Ecuadorean kid tell me we have to “stick together”
– bonded with three different teachers over our dismay at the election results. one sat down at my lunch table and talked about how scared he was
– talked about the main issues people were concerned with in my almost completely white ap lit class. most popular issue? climate change. “what issue were you most concerned about?” “trump’s stance on climate change really irked me”
– had a discussion about the candidates with my sociology class and realized i’m the only person of color in there
– had to hear a blatantly homophobic racist transphobic ableist misogynistic asshole talk about how happy he was very loudly first thing in the morning on the school bus
– every teacher I had today was tired, sad, and pissed off