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WikiLeaks went from being an organization built to expose corruption to being an antisemitic Russian propaganda unit.

Also lets not forget that wikileaks’ 2012 dump of Syrian government internal emails had been suspiciously scrubbed of mentions of around 2 billion euros being moved to and hidden in a Russian state-owned bank.

But, luckily for everyone, the hackers who had gained access to these emails shared them with more organisations than just wikileaks, and so the discrepancy was noticed and picked up by journalists elsewhere. And a chatlog was leaked at the time showing a wikileaks staffer (now in prison) talking with one of the hackers about this email and this Russian bank account specifically. A journalist covering this was then threatened by wikileaks via their official twitter account, controlled entirely by Julian Assange.

One of the podcasts I listen to (Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know, if I’m remembering accurately) did an episode on Wikileaks and the leak regarding the DNC.

Wikileaks is incredibly political. It’s not just #receipts on various governments. It has its own political agenda.

I find it fascinating that WikiLeaks seems very…anti Hillary. (Not to mention super antisemitic like YIKES). Which of course is interesting because Russia is very much in support of Trump, which frankly should concern people. Just…keep these things in mind when gathering information.