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Watch: Full Frontal talks to Trump supporters who hypocritically think the election will be rigged

If you have to vote where these people are going to be crowding your polling place, I wanna preemptively congratulate you on your bravery. 

While chances for voter suppression and fraud are not as high as you might think, I want to take a hot second and say this:

If you are required to attend a polling station where there are assholes trying to turn people away-record and document them. If you feel safe enough, get hard evidence that these people are knowingly attempting to prevent people from voting and contact the authorities. Only the people directly working the polls will ask for your ID so you can receive the correct ballot. If someone asks for your voter registration or drivers license outside of the building they are trying to keep you from voting. If someone touches you to prevent you from entering the polling station call the police or have someone do it for you.

Suppressing your right to vote is a federal offense.