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you shut your mouth

(I’ve been through too many multi-day power outages to be anything but an anxious mess about this weather. ESPECIALLY when I’m supposed to be in a wedding tomorrow, and have to go to rehearsal tonight in the middle of the worst of it!)

I’m sorry you’re anxious, and the wedding thing would SUCK. I really do enjoy it, though, despite also having been through lots of multi-day power outages (nine days was the record, which was in much colder weather – I admit I’d rather not do THAT again). 

I also have a gas fireplace and gas stove, which makes it all much for exciting and much less anxious-making.

Coming from Europe, the concept that a power cut might last more than a few hours (unless it’s the 1970s – and there’s strikes going on) is completely alien. I actually can’t remember the last time we had a powercut in the UK that lasted more than a few hours.

In fact, I’m pretty certain we never had one in Bristol and certainly not more than one in Slough.