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Here’s the advertisement I was talking about that tumblr constantly auto plays on the dash.

If anyone watches this and goes “idk what’s wrong with it” then you really have a bad mental image of trans women, not to mention you think it’s a-ok for youtube to use naked trans women to sell a product.

This video promotes the idea that trans women are just men who like to play dress up.

And no, this is not about cis cross dressers or cis drag performers or anything like that, neither of them stare at their naked bodies longingly in the mirror as is depicted in the video.

This is nothing more than a cis persons fantasy about what trans women are like.

Also, compare the clothing choices of the supposed trans woman to the cis woman in the video (you know, the one Alex was chatting up after work just like any other Joe Shmo!)

You’ll find a disparaging difference, almost as if the designers of this ad don’t even care to know that most trans women dress just like cis women do.

Oh, and we NEVER dress in such flashy, attention-grabbing clothes in public, like what an utter fantasy. Trans women are often scared out of their mind to be noticed in public.

Please, reblog this if you want to and are able. If you’re not trans, you may reblog, but this is a time to listen and attempt to understand, and not the time to interrupt, derail, and speak over.

Otherwise, especially other trans women, feel free to add more to this as I am too tired to keep thinking about it.

This ad plays on my dash all the time as well, and it always really upsets me. I know the feeling of having to dress up as a boy, coming home and putting on clothes that I feel good in, and admiring myself in a mirror, longing for things to be different. I promise you Its not some cute trendy thing that has a totally rad super trendy soundtrack. For me it was a time of shitty emotions mixed with just a sprinkle of optimism, not some dance party for YouTube to make money off of.


Also (not a trans woman here so correct me if I’m wrong!) the taking off of the slinky robe and the pose the actor takes while gazing in the mirror is pretty clearly a visual homage to Buffalo Bill’s big reveal in The Silence of the Lambs, which has got to be one of the most transmisogynistic characters in film history (which is really saying something).

Holy fuck, it absolutely is an allusion to that scene, fuck youtube.