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Ghostbusters made $46 million on their opening weekend.

You know who else made $46 million opening weekend? Jurassic Park.

Women aren’t the problem. They’re the solution.

keep reblogging this, straight white men can’t accept the fact an all-female cast of comedians made a successful movie 

You may like the movie but do no not come here and lie to me that this movie was a financial it. Because as far as I’m concerned. It wasn’t. 

Like many in our country, you seem to have an aversion to math. Luckily, I’m a producer. So let me explain something to you.

The new Ghostbusters cost $144 million to make. That was their budget. (It was actually green-lit for $154 million, but they came in under budget – always good for a studio whose concern is upfront costs, especially Sony who is trying to slash the cost of new films, and especially good for the viability of getting a sequel or franchise made. Wink wink.)

For it to be a financial hit, it would have to not just make all that money back, but go into profit. Simple enough principle.

As of August 2, Ghostbusters has grossed $109.6 million in America, and $51.7 million in other territories.

109.6 million + 51.7 million = a worldwide total of $161.3 million.

They made their money back. They’ve gone into profit. It’s a hit. Not a colossal hit, but a hit. (And this is without video on demand, streaming, DVD or Blu-Ray sales, and other options factored in, which will only keep the profits rolling.) It took them less than a month to get there, and on top of that, they came in so hot from the start that there will likely be a new franchise built from it.

And even if the initial post is totally wrong about its figures, as many of the notes point out, its basic point is still intact: it was a hit, on a par with many classic movie blockbusters like Jurassic Park.

I will close with what has frequently become my catchphrase on Facebook in the current political climate: “You don’t have to like it. You just have to DEAL WITH IT.”

And the numbers keep going up. As of  August 17, 2016, Ghostbusters’ box office looks like this:

Domestic: $122,647,207   63.1%
+ Foreign: $71,801,306   36.9%

= Worldwide: $194,448,513