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“communist countries have propaganda everywhere!!” meanwhile in the us there’s an american flag within every square mile, kids pledge their allegiance to that flag every day at school, and the us military attempts to recruit people before theyve reached the age of 13

i told my dad about the pledge of allegiance and he said this sort of shit wouldn’t fly even at his old school and he did kinda grow up in communist poland so like

and in texas we have a SECOND pledge we have to say every morning because we also need to pledge to the flag of texas (just in case we secede again) 

wait what the fuck texas

1. WTF Texas.

2. You do NOT have to say the pledge of Allegiance in school, but most teachers won’t tell you that and some teachers don’t even know or believe it, which means you can face school-level repercussions for exercising your right to not publicly buy into this bullshit.

(I’ve sat it out since middle school and was only ever reprimanded by substitutes that I can recall, not my actual teachers, and it never went all the way to the office or detention. But hey, known good-student well-spoken middle class white girl whose dad is a lawyer. I never had a reason to really worry.)

(Also in high school we were supposed to say it during first period, which was orchestra, and the orchestra teacher hated anything that wasted music time and learned how to turn the intercom off so we could all avoid it, lol).

I had kind of forgotten about the pledge by the time I got to the point in my teacher education program in college where we went out to actually get some classroom experience, and seeing that when you’re not habituated to it is creepy as hell.