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If you’re not from Australia you probably haven’t heard this but it’s very important.

Today The Guardian released a cache of files called The Nauru Files.

This contains 2,000 reports from Australia’s detention centres which detail the abuse, self harm, mental illness and many terrible things that are happening to asylum seekers who come to Australia in hope of a better life but are instead detained offshore in conditions that violate human rights.

If you do read them, even shortened versions, prepare to be disgusted and shocked.

This is physical evidence that the Australian government is sitting back while they detain children and imprison asylum seekers while subjecting them to torturous conditions and every kind of abuse.

Don’t let The Nauru Files be forgotten or covered up. 

Don’t let the people in Australia’s offshore detention’s centre be forgotten.

It’s illegal here to even speak about what happens on these islands so that another country has been able to get these should really help raise these issues amongst the general public.