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In a one-hour briefing with a foreign policy expert, Donald Trump asked three times why the US can’t just use nuclear weapons. Three. Times.

The presidency is set up in such a way that, during a crisis, the president is able to launch nuclear weapons without argument. Military officers directly under his command are sworn to do as he asks in these scenarios, and cannot decline. That would be a criminal offense. Treason.

The likelihood that Donald Trump will start a nuclear war if elected is fucking staggering and we AS A SPECIES cannot afford to let it happen. The Cold War only ended 25 years ago, we can’t go back to living in that state of fear. We can’t elect a literal, actual fascist who wants to do away with the Geneva Conventions, would forcibly seize land in the Middle East, has quoted Benito Mussolini along with his #MakeAmericaGreatAgain hashtag, has proposed numerous policies that go against the United States Constitution and threaten rule of law (and here’s a list), consistently encourages his supporters to commit violence (and EACH WORD of that is a separate link, and it’s not even the bulk of stories on the matter), and wants the world to prepare for nuclear war. I could list PLENTY MORE of these, but it’s making me feel physically ill to keep looking over these.

This is horrifying. Please, for the love of god, vote Clinton. Vote for the candidate who is not an aspiring fascist dictator with an itchy nuclear-launch finger. Do not waste your vote on a third party. Don’t let the next Ralph Nader effect occur. Don’t put this man in office, I am begging you.