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I love how he let him cry, told him, “We cry as men” and didn’t hit him with the whole, “Big boys don’t cry” mess. That was lovely. 

Phenomenal. Allowed him to emote, then worked with him to understand the what and the why.

Wow, This the realest I’ve ever post ????????

This is beautiful from a martial arts standpoint, a dismantling masculinity standpoint, and a life lesson standpoint.  I wish I were as good as this sensei/shifu.

Damn. Just damn.


When I practiced taekwondo as a kid, I never got to learn the significance and symbolism that went into breaking a board. I was told time and time again that there was more to breaking a board than strength, and that we would learn as we progressed through the program, but I dropped out early Bc my dad was the biggest helicopter parent and sucked the fun out of taekwondo, but I’m glad I got to understand the symbolism today.

And the intersectionality of race, physical strength, and mental strength in this video are just great! This instructor is amazing!

The love in this.