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I’m curious to know what is lost in translation! What nuance is English missing?? Also, oh man, just reading for the sake of reading is so liberating after a period of being stuck on a writing project.

For this, first we need a swedish lesson.

Tant is a value-neutral-to-positive word for an adult-to-elder woman (40+ at least), usually implies a fair amount of class and poise for adults (she’ll have modern haircut, be well-dressed with matching purse), gentleness for elders (still stylish, walking around with her purse in her walker, still ticking 20+ years after her hubby died). Generally translates to and from “aunt”.

Snusk is a wide-application word meaning filth, like filthy environment, filthy behaviour, etc. Also used as a wrinkle-nosed word for pr0n.

Compounding the two very value-dissonant words gets you a meaning somewhere along the lines of, “specialised dirty literature for ladies” or “the tmi stuff my grandma keeps in her drawer that I really don’t want to know about but secretly read anyway”.

That’s a wonderful, wonderful word.

Thank you for the Swedish lesson.