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you know how i bug you to register to vote and then vote and it’s really super-annoying? well the republican party platform is rolling out and it includes a 100% ban on abortions and revocation of same-sex marriage and no background check for guns and oh yes also conversion therapy for LGBTQ+ people so yeah me bugging you is not going to change sorry not sorry please register to vote and then vote?

Other “highlights”, per the New York Times:

  • military women barred from combat
  • coal considered “clean” energy
  • pornography declared public menace
  • religion (read: Christianity) must be used as guide for legislation
  • teaching the bible in public schools
  • building a wall along the Mexican border like Trump wants

Reblogging for the NYT article link, and also this one from OccupyDemocrats. Your vote matters so much.

Please vote and please don’t be complacent. So very not good polling numbers for Clinton came out this morning, and in general I think polling is going to consistently undercount support for Trump (hi, I look at data regarding the election as part of my day job, I am not just talking out of my ass). Vote. Even if you think your state is “safe.” And please learn about your local down-ticket races, because that’s where the policy that affects your daily life happens.

If this passes, it will set our country back DECADES. Reblog so everyone can see and then vote in November.

Vote. Register to vote if you haven’t. If you’re registered, find out if your state’s requirements have changed so you don’t turn up at the poll with no picture ID or whatever they need. Don’t drive? Find out how to get a non-driving state ID. If you’re going away to school, find out NOW how to get an absentee ballot, then do it when the time comes. If you’re moving, make the time to register in your new town. Need help? Your state’s election commission should have a web site, ask the staff at your local library (really!) or the League of Women Voters can hook you up. Register. Vote.