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you know how i bug you to register to vote and then vote and it’s really super-annoying? well the republican party platform is rolling out and it includes a 100% ban on abortions and revocation of same-sex marriage and no background check for guns and oh yes also conversion therapy for LGBTQ+ people so yeah me bugging you is not going to change sorry not sorry please register to vote and then vote?

New York Times article

Esquire article

They’re also trying to bar women from combat positions (again), ban pornography, stop cohabitation of unmarried couples, and give federal parks back to the states because that obviously won’t result in 80% of them being completely destroyed for profit.

Oh, and then there’s this (from the Times article):

platform demands that lawmakers use religion as a guide when
legislating, stipulating “that man-made law must be consistent with
God-given, natural rights.”

also encourages the teaching of the Bible in public schools because,
the amendment said, a good understanding of its contents is
“indispensable for the development of an educated citizenry.”

Bear in mind, this isn’t Trump’s platform.  It’s the WHOLE FUCKING PARTY.  So remember:  It still is not enough to vote for President and wash your hands of everything else.  Know what’s going to be on your ballot, and vote in EVERY race.  Get these fuckers out of office before they make their shitty platform federal law.

Oh, how charming. I always know they’re feeling particularly excitable when they charge all the way back to regarding straight cohabitation as a sin.

This is the flailing charge over the cliff, guys. Stop them for everybody’s good. 

Oh, and read the first amendment. For some reason pepole really love that one when it comes to inappropriately using it to defend their assholery under free speech, but handily forget the ‘no establishment of religion’ part.