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Well I guess that’s much better than killing innocent Black people, but why on earth are they not doing their job?! 

Biittch are you joking? We aint paying yall to catch em all

They’re acting human for a change, let them be.

This is actually a good thing.

1) The police are aware of this game and because they are playing they know where people may tend to congregate. Means they will be more understanding if a bunch of random people are hanging out near a place that virtually has no one there.

2) Because the news has been blasting that people are getting mugged and attacked at PokeStops, it brings up a safety issue. Well if cops decided to play Pokemon GO and hang out near some of these Stops, it will increase safety because there’s less likely hood of a mugging to occur when there are one to a few cops around.

3) This unintentionally puts cops out in multiple locations similar to how patrols work. Thus this increases public safety and gives a higher sense of security if you aren’t adverse to law enforcement.

4) It makes them happy. Gives a common ground for the populous and youth to converse to the police with rather than them walking up and asking them if they are doing something bad/staying out of trouble. Happy + Happy = A Good Thing.

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Other issues on pause, we need to demilitarize our police.  And that starts by deconstructing the hegemony that divides “police” and “citizens”.  

This helps.  Help is good.

Yeah when I saw this I immediately thought it was a good thing! Y’all need to chill.

Yea, when I was at 14th street last week i saw a lotta police in the area and one asked me if i was playin it
Of course i was

Additionally, having shared ground psychologically *FORCES* you to waver in your “us vs them” mentality. This is how people negotiate in hostage situations, with people standing on bridges about to commit suicide, etc etc. Find something, SOMETHING, ANYTHING, to relate to them about, because BANG!!!!!! Your little human brain INSTANTLY starts second-guessing whether this person you thought was an enemy really is an enemy. And even a moment of mental hesitation, of someone’s base animal hindbrain pausing to wonder, “friend?? packmate???” might provide enough time for a life to be saved.

This is a good thing. This is a very good thing. Change the culture, build community.