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I want to see a story about spy gadget failures.  When the ejector seat goes off at the wrong time in a car chase, and the secret message self-destructs before it’s listened to, and the tear gas talcum powder goes off when the wrong person opens the suitcase.

The garrote wire in the watch comes loose and catches on things.  The rocket belt gets bumped in the suitcase and ruins the luggage (and sets off a smoke detector, and ruins some more things, possibly in a fancy hotel).  The voice changer sounds like it’s going through puberty. 

And honestly, who puts a laser in a wristwatch?  That’s a recipe for several different kinds of disasters.  The list is endless.

Maybe all this is because of a lack of funding, and a need to use cheap/old devices.  Maybe they’re prototypes that haven’t been tested properly.  Or maybe they’re just normal technology like in the real world, which doesn’t always behave the way we expect it to!

What if a gadget malfunction somehow results in some kid going through a spy phase getting involved.

Maybe the kid finds the defective gadget and starts trying to use it, only to be found by the bad guys who assume they’re already involved somehow.

Maybe the kid is an inventive genius who can make the gadget work properly again.

Maybe the kid comes across the spy who is injured or stranded because of the faulty gadget.

This could make for a good kids’ story, because of the potential for silliness. On the other hand, it could make an interesting twist in a more serious story, because a grown-up spy wouldn’t want to risk involving children in a dangerous mission, but children can be stubborn (especially around things they’re interested in).

so basically a live-action Inspector Gadget movie.

Not really gadget failures, but the Jonny English films might fit the bill – entertaining because of the ineptness of the user, rather than failure of the tool, but still.